Replace Body Fluid and Mineral Salts. Maintenance Of Metabolic Acidosis Balance and/or Treatment Of Mild to Moderate Metabolic Acidosis (Except Lactic Acidosis)

Product Description

Product Name:    Revasol H
Description:        Revasol H is Hartmann’s Infusion, containing

  •                        131 mmol/L of sodium ion
  •                        111 mmol/L of chloride ion
  •                        29 mmol/L of lactate
  •                        5 mmol/L of potassium ion
  •                        2 mmol/L of calcium ion

Packing:                     500 ml, 1000 ml (LDPE Container)
Year manufactured:   2016

Revasol H Infusion is indicated as a source of water and electrolytes. It is also used in patients as a source of bicarbonate in the treatment of mild to moderate metabolic acidosis associated with dehydration or associated with potassium deficiency. Revasol H is also indicated as methods of intravenous drug delivery, if the drugs are compatible with the solutions. Revasol H is a solution for supply of fluid and salts to the body. It is supplied to you through a vein drip (an infusion). Its salt composition is similar to that of human blood.