REVASOL-HD 500ml Potassium Chloride 40mg Sodium Chloride 600mg Sodium lactate 310 mg

Product Description

Product Name:   Revasol HD
Description:       Revasol HD is Hartmann’s Infusion with 5% Dextrose, containing

  •                             130 mmol/L of sodium ion
  •                             108.70 mmol/L of chloride ion
  •                             28 mmol/L of lactate
  •                             4 mmol/L of potassium ion
  •                             1.35 mmol/L of calcium ion

Packing:                      500 ml, 1000 ml (LDPE Container)
Year manufactured:    2016

Revasol HD infusion is indicated as a source of water and electrolytes. It is also used in patients as a source of bicarbonate in the treatment of mild to moderate metabolic acidosis associated with dehydration or associated with potassium deficiency. These solutions are indicated as methods of intravenous drug delivery, if the drugs are compatible with the solutions.