Revive Pharmakon is committed to build an ethical business partnership while successful implementation of IMS Policy (quality, health,  safety and environment) within its business according to social ethics and considering these systems a part of continual improvement process.

This Includes

  • Standards of quality by operational excellence, validated production processes, storage, distribution, Quality Control and Quality Assurance are adopted to get quality products.
  • Measures to prevent incidents (injuries, ill-health & accidents) and manage health, safety and environmental hazards involved in various operations of production, quality control and engineering.
  • Educate and train all employees about health, safety and environmental awareness to avoid health and safety risks and environmental pollution.
  • National and international laws are followed in responsible manner for standards and requirements of environment, health & safety.
  • Adopt the continuous attitude for quality, environment, health and safety systems by improving customer satisfaction, human resourcing, preventive maintenance, team work and preventing near-misses & incidents.
  • Striving for continuous improvement in communication among the employees to attain the quality goals to satisfy patient requirements with safety, safe environment and excellent health.