REVASOL-10% 1000ml DEXTROSE 10% Blood substitute. Electrolyte , Haematinics and water replacement

Product Description

Product Name:           Revasol 10%
Description:               10% solution of Dextrose
Packing:                     1000 ml (LDPE Container)
Year manufactured:   2016

Revasol 10% is indicated as a source of water and calories. As Parenteral Nutrient Revasol 10% is indicated as a caloric component in a parenteral nutrition regimen. It is used with an appropriate protein (nitrogen) source in the prevention of nitrogen loss or in the treatment of negative nitrogen balance in patients where: (1) the alimentary tract cannot or should not be used (2) gastrointestinal absorption of protein is impaired, or (3) metabolic requirements for protein are substantially increased, as with extensive burns.