Revive Pharmakon is a family owned business that provides a diverse range of IV solutions for maintaining the electrolyte balance and supplementing carbohydrate levels in human body. Revive focuses on producing superior quality products to serve the needs of worldwide Pharma industry.

Revive Pharmakon was established for the primary purpose of providing the highest quality health solutions, to those most in need today, the quality of healthcare drugs (IV solution) that are prevalent in the developing regions barely meet the world  class quality standards required leading to a shortage in supply Trustworthy and effective products.Hence, Revive was erected on the ideology and vision to provide these regions with healthcare products of the highest quality in compliance with world class health standards.

In order to be able to manufacture these world class products, Revive’s manufacturing facility located in Lahore, Pakistan is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures extremely reliable, safe and efficient processes.Moreover, it is managed by exceptionally skilled and qualified professionals who strive to produce high quality products using innovative and advanced technologies.